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No pain is as destructive as the pain one does not face and nosuffering as enduring as the suffering one cannot acknowledgeNathaniel Branden
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Our emotions literally shape who we are. They are the ultimate source of our strength, joy, vitality, self-esteem, resilience, and assertiveness -- the very resources we need to cope with the challenges of life.  

However, sometimes as a result of trauma, neglect, or other difficult experiences, people are forced to contend with emotions that are too overwhelmingly painful, disheartening and terrifying to bear. In an effort to cope, real feelings get buried, "looking good" facades are constructed and the past seemingly discarded. Unfortunately, in cutting ourselves off from these emotional "truths", we create a life that lacks choice and is instead stubbornly ruled by the past.

Twenty eight years of experience as a psychotherapist and years of training in psychodrama, EMDR, IFS and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy have taught me that simply talking about problems doesn't change them. Through emotion-focused, body centered therapy, I will accompany you through the process of regaining your strengths and inner resources.

Together we can transform anger into assertiveness, fear into self-protection, grief into acceptance, apathy into passion and self-hatred into self-love. In doing so, your focus in life can move from surviving to thriving. 

If you want to learn more, I welcome the opportunity to consult with you about your concerns.


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